My Race-Based Mind Dump

I hesitated to write this. I know those who examine everything for exactly the right words—words they themselves, conveniently, have decided are the correct ones—will label me as evil. But thoughts have been swirling in my head for the past few weeks, and I think writing them out will help me clarify a few things. … Continue reading My Race-Based Mind Dump

Book Review: Coronavirus and Christ by John Piper

Source It seems like ancient history since this book came out, but it's only been since April 28. Still, in corona-time, that's forever ago. Either way, Coronavirus and Christ by John Piper is still relevant, and I think the whole church needs to read it. It's short, only 100 small pages. It took me several … Continue reading Book Review: Coronavirus and Christ by John Piper

Thoughts on Christian Libertarianism

Photo by Yoss Cinematic on It happens every time. Every time, around election season, I start thinking about politics. I don't mean I never think about politics during the one year out of four we're not subjected to a presidential campaign. I mean I start thinking more deeply about what I believe politically. And … Continue reading Thoughts on Christian Libertarianism

Technology Can't Replace Reality in Worship

Today, my church, like many other churches around the world, streamed its worship service on Facebook Live. My family and I, also like many other churchgoing families worldwide, gathered in our living room to tune in. But we didn't only tune in; we participated. The pastors invited everyone to stand and sing, stand for the … Continue reading Technology Can't Replace Reality in Worship

The End is Always Near, But Not How You Think

In a moment of oddly good timing, I started listening to Dan Carlin's The End is Always Near at the beginning of 2020. Carlin, in his well-thought-out way, highlights several seemingly apocalyptic moments in history: the fall of Rome, the nuclear crisis of the 20th century—events that were unthinkable but true, events that held the … Continue reading The End is Always Near, But Not How You Think