Singing about Dashing People to Pieces

Earlier this week we bought My Soul Among Lions (Psalms 1–10), an album of retooled psalms. The band, also called My Soul Among Lions, is seeking to bring the lost beauty of psalms back into Christian worship by setting them to contemporary folk music. I’m not reviewing the album here (I may do that later), but […]

Late Dates For the Gospels?

One argument utilized by unbelievers against the accuracy of the Bible, specifically the gospels, is the idea that the gospels were written so long after Jesus’ life that myths and inaccuracies must have been introduced in that time, whether the writers intentionally lied or just had memory lapses. If they are inaccurate, then they aren’t […]

In the Midst of a Shaken World

Christians are Christians by virtue of certain acts of God which took place at a definite time in the past, but these acts of God have released a dynamic force which will never allow Christians to stick fast at any point short of that divine rest which in this life is always a goal to […]

What the Church of the Past Would Think

Sometimes we are altogether too much concerned with what the present world will say about us—whether it will regard us as progressive and enlightened and liberal; while we but too seldom consider what would be the historic judgment passed upon us by the church of the former ages if its great figures could gather around […]

Not a Dark Time for the Church

I have to agree with most of what Prager says here, but I have to take issue with a statement near the end: “I will not end on a happy note, because there isn’t one.” My life group discussed suffering this past week, particularly the very real possibility of Christian persecution in the near future. […]