Life and Blog Update

Just a short post: I started a new job this week that involves a longer commute some days, so I’ve had less time to write. If you follow my blog, you may have noticed I haven’t posted anything since Saturday, and that was just a quote. I’ll be on vacation next week (I’m not going […]

Saturday Comes After Friday

Last Friday, I put a social media policy in place to force myself into good habits. Of course, good habits are only as good as how well you follow them; thankfully I tend to be a bit anal about the written word. When I write something down, it strongly motivates me to follow it, if […]

Reasoning With God in Prayer

The discipline of reasoning with God in prayer is important for us. Of course, it is not that God would not otherwise think of the reasons we offer to Him. Rather, reasoning with God forces us to think through why we are making our requests to God. Are our requests just selfish or are they […]

Psalm 3 and The Faithful God

This week, my pastor preached on Psalm 3. He explained that it was a Psalm of David, written when he was on the run from his son Absalom. Absalom had started a coup de etat to take the throne and David fled for his life. Either in the midst of that, or reflecting on it, he […]