Frozen Circles of Batter

Though I'm tired, I feel ready to get up when my alarm goes off. It's a bit past 5:30. Why so early, you ask? Because Bible study followed by praying based off of Daniel 2, the Lord's Prayer, and the Ligonier Awakening Prayer Guide is a lot harder when you're toasting waffles for children. Admittedly … Continue reading Frozen Circles of Batter


Tim Challies on Not Provoking Our Children

I decided to share these blog posts from Tim Challies here so I could find them more easily in the future. I may need to read these multiple times over the course of my life! Did you know it's actually possible that your child's anger at you is justified? Fathers (and Mothers), Do Not Provoke … Continue reading Tim Challies on Not Provoking Our Children